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Debrah Constance was born in New York, the eldest of three sisters. She managed to overcome her lack of a high school diploma, her abusive relationships, alcoholism, and cancer to pursue a highly successful career in real estate marketing, advertising and community affairs. At the peak of her career, as a Vice President for Jon Douglas Company—a multi-billion dollar Realtor in Southern California—Debrah gave up a six-figure income to become the founder of A Place Called Home, a safe haven for young people ages 9 to 20 in South Central Los Angeles. She is also a weaver and an energetic practitioner and teacher of yoga. In addition to being a proud and devoted mother to her son, Gideon, Debrah is a loving sister, friend, and partner in the remarkable and heartwarming relationship she describes in her book, Fat Stupid Ugly: One Woman’s Courage to Survive.

J.I. Kleinberg was born in Burbank, California and grew up in Los Angeles. She holds a Master of Arts in Design from U.C. Berkeley. Following careers as an artist and a marketing professional, she is now a freelance writer. Her clients include individuals and businesses from a wide range of industries, including travel, health care, design, public relations, and entertainment.

Debrah’s dogs

Debrah’s weavings





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